Quantum Health Solutions Group and Quantum Health Injury will no longer be providing any medical services after June 30th 2023. Quantum Specialist Network remains open for injury care coordination and specialist care.

Provider Update

Carolyn Mellette Silvernail FNPC: Beginning June 12, 2023, Carolyn will be seeing all patients at Burrows Internal Medicine, located just a half mile north of our current location — 9218 Kimmer Dr Ste 207, Lone Tree CO  80124, 720-493-9006, as she will be joining their staff, to utilize their support team to the benefit of all her patients.

Dr. Joseph Silvernail DC: After June 30th, will be retiring from providing active patient care and redirecting his expertise to work more closely with our legal partners through Quantum Specialist Network.

Dr. David Evan DC: When available, we will pass along contact information for Dr. Evans’ new location.

Mitzie Gibbs MPT: When available, we will pass along contact information for Mitzie Gibbs’ new location.


Injury Patients: Our goal is that the current Quantum location will be subleased to a company related to our injury practice called Advanced Injury Treatment Center.  All medical, physical therapy and massage care for our injury patients will continue uninterrupted with Advanced Injury Treatment Center or can be transferred to another injury specialist of your choice. Nothing will alter with any care you are receiving from specialists, QSN remains open for all service needs.

Records: All records will be kept per the Colorado State statutes. We will have a records custodian (TBD). If you are moving with Carolyn Mellette Silvernail FNPC, your records will be moved automatically, and no action is needed on your part. If you transfer your chiropractic or physical therapy care prior to June 30th your records will be sent your requested provider. After June 30th the link for records requests will be posted on our website. If you would like a personal copy of your records, you may contact the front desk by email ([email protected]) prior to June 30th, there is a $5 charge for cost of the disc and postage.