Patient Stories

Their Stories about QUANTUM

Compassion, decades of experience and expertise, and results-driven attitude are just a few things that define QUANTUM Health Solutions. But in the end, it is really just about our patients and how we help them achieve optimal health. These are their stories…

I have been a patient of Carolyn and Joe since my early teenage years. From supporting my wellbeing through chiropractic and primary care as a junior and senior Olympic diver and collegiate athlete, to over 15 years later and now as a new mother… I wouldn’t trust my care to any other team. I always trust Carolyn’s ability to address and guide women’s health concerns. When I lived in other states, it always frustrated me that most of my doctors limited their knowledge to medications alone, which is why I appreciate Carolyn’s ability to include nutritional supplements to support my health, and prescribe medications only when necessary. Now that I live in Denver, I willingly drive to the short distance south to Quantum as I know it is truly a luxury to have health professionals who really listen and care about your overall health, and it is why I will always remain a patient of theirs. -- Dara Dr. Silvernail treated me throughout my college basketball career. We worked on healing injuries and improving my performance in the off season. His treatments allowed me to keep playing when I sustained injuries mid-season that otherwise may have ended my playing. For example, when I had a severe shoulder injury just before winter break, he had me back in shape to play in the few short weeks of my break. My chronic knee and lower back pain was addressed and resolved with custom orthotics, dry needling and adjustments, which are designed specifically for me to play basketball. I am truly thankful for his care that allowed me to perform at a higher level during my college career and my future pursuits of playing professionally. -- Krubel When I was first drawn for my dream hunt my knees and back were so bad I knew I would not be able to achieve my goal of completing a back country big horn sheep hunt. With Dr. Silvernail’s help I was able to control my knee pain through dry needling and custom orthotics. Chiropractic manipulation of my back resolved my lower back pain. Pain free, I had a successful hunt. Without Dr. Silvernail’s comprehensive care I would never have been able to make the hike to find my prize. -- Steve The Quantum Health team has been instrumental in helping me achieve and maintain peak performance. I have suffered multiple injuries during fights and while training for my MMA career. They have helped treat injuries to my neck, mid-back and shoulders so that I am able to continue in the MMA arena. I am truly grateful for the time and effort they put forth on my behalf. -- Josh “Cuddly Bear” Copeland
“Dr. Carolyn has been very wonderful to work with. She really helped in saving my life to say the least.

When I came to her I was in a lot of trouble. My live test levels were at dangerous toxic levels, my weight was not manageable due to many contributing factors, my sugar levels were in the danger zone, and my thyroid was out of control. I was so sick I felt like I was going to die.

My previous doctor instructed me that I was going to have to start giving myself insulin shots and begin taking more medications and also wanted me to undergo gastric bypass surgery. That doctor was not willing to budge on his recommendation and the options he gave me were not options for me. I cannot stand the sight of needles much less consider giving myself a daily shot and I was uninterested in dealign with the health risks associated with the gastric bypass. After asking this doctor about trying other medications and my idea was turned down. I thought my life was over until I met Dr. Carolyn.

I met Dr. Carolyn 10 months ago and she has changed my life. I have normal sugar levels for the first time in 7 years; I hope to not have to take medication for my diabetes in July, My thyroid is now responding to medication. My liver toxic levels are better than normal and my fatty liver disease is reversing itself and I have lost about 45 pounds and am continuing to loose.

She (Dr. Carolyn) treated me like an “equal” person and provided wonderful tools to use in my everyday life, guidelines on healthier and “always” listened to my concerns and openly and honestly discussed all potential side effects regarding medication. 

Dr. Carolyn is very thorough and detailed in her explanation and very patient with all my questions and concerns. She is and has always been very supportive and caring. The results I have, and continue to receive from her medical care are impressive and I am very pleased. I have never seen anyone in the medical field who has such an amazing bedside manner and I truly feel very blessed to have found her. ”

— Dolores

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