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Repetitive daily stress or a traumatic event can lead to soft tissue damage, joint damage and inflammation. When injured, your body undergoes physical and chemical changes that can cause swelling, pain and diminished joint movement.

Chiropractic adjustment is key in restoring joint movement, alleviating pain and muscle tightness by placing the body in a position of less stress allowing the natural healing process to occur.

QUANTUM Health Solutions has proudly served as the preferred chiropractor in Denver, Colorado since 2012, with a Chiropractic staff that has over 55 years of combined experience. We provide Chiropractic adjustments as an effective way to treat soft tissue damage and joint diseases – without surgical intervention. Major benefits include resolving the cause of symptoms, and along with education and a long-term plan, Chiropractic treatment keeps the body in good form for the future.

Our Denver Chiropractic services help relieve pain and are aimed at preventing your condition from worsening or returning. During the customized Chiropractic treatment period, our patients discover the importance and value of physical therapy in their treatment in addition to a personalized home care program to support the healing process.

Why Quantum Health Solutions?

Our Chiropractors have been providing the highest quality chiropractic care since 2002.  Our Chiropractors are top-rated Denver Chiropractors and specialize in the following treatments:

  • Expertise in identifying spinal abnormalities and optimizing overall health
  • Expertise in flexion-distraction
  • Treatment of difficult conditions that have not responded to other options
  • Expertise in conservative treatment options in lieu of surgical intervention
  • Extensive training in treatment relative to auto accident injuries
  • Sports medicine background in athletic injury treatment

Our goal is to keep you pain free so you can return to your daily activities and enjoy doing the things you love and even cross those more extreme items off your “bucket list”

We take time to really hear what your symptoms are and discuss all of your questions. We will then conduct thorough tests to identify the root cause of your condition, explain those causes and show you what you can do to address the underlying problem. Unlike many chiropractic offices we do not believe that x-rays are necessary for every patient and in most cases provide same day treatment for new patients to immediately start you on the road to recovery.