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What is Functional Medicine

Functional medicine (A.K.A advanced integrative medicine) is a whole-person approach to personalized medical care. Although many people believe Functional Medicine to mean medical care with no prescription medications that is not always the case. Functional Medicine is based on proven research as to how the body functions at optimal performance at any age, and accounts for differences in genetics, gender and age rather than ambiguous lab ranges with no specific personalization plan.

While conventional medicine tends to focus on the disease and the patients symptoms, Functional Medicine is a complete assessment of the current health of the patient, future risk factors to the patient’s health and specific personal goals established to create treatment plans designed specifically for each patient’s individual needs in order to fully optimize health, energy, sleep and well-being.

QUANTUM Patient-Centered Functional Medicine Approach

There are many approaches to Functional Medicine and advanced integrative medicine. At QUANTUM Health Solutions, Functional Medicine starts with listening.  Our approach is to gather extensive information about you, your symptoms, history, family, lifestyle and goals.

At QUANTUM Health Solutions, our Nurse Practitioner Carolyn Mellette Silvernail has been practicing and coordinating Functional Medicine treatment for all of her patients since 2004. She is recognized throughout the community for her ability to listen, really hear, and then understand and translate her patients’ needs into action, and also for her never ending devotion to thinking outside the box to help her patients improve their lives.

First, Dr. Carolyn performs baseline testing in regard to is “how you feel”.  Secondly, the testing results are explained to you in detail. Lastly, Dr. Carolyn discusses with you the different treatment options available and make together as a team your custom plan is created. Treatment plans can include a variety of components such as diet and exercise changes, supplements and vitamin recommendations, herbs, acupuncture, or sometimes even prescription medications.

Our goal is to help you return to optimal health so you enjoy life to its fullest potential.

Contact us to discuss your symptoms and decide on a course of treatment for your specific needs.

Dry Needling vs. Acupuncture

At QUANTUM Health Solutions, we use both acupuncture (an indirect style) and dry needling (a direct style) to provide pain relief and assist injury rehabilitation.

Dry Needling and Acupuncture are similar as both use needles to make miniscule holes in the soft tissue (skin, muscles, tendons) to assist in healing. These treatments activate the immune system, normalize the nervous system and promote self-healing. Both dry needling and acupuncture can be used to treat various conditions including pain, such as back pain, neck pain, joint paint, etc., nausea, vomiting, headache, and more.

There are over 80 different styles of acupuncture, thus it is important to remember that the effectiveness of acupuncture and dry needling are not based on a specific style, but rather on the powerful underlying mechanism for healing.

Dry needling is a modern treatment designed to ease muscular pain.

Based on western neuroanatomy and scientific study of the nervous and musculoskeletal system, dry needling is placing a needle at the site of the problem for direct influence at the site of pain.  This directly desensitizes painful nerves while stimulating repair of soft tissue.

Originated over 5000 years ago in China, Acupuncture has proven to be effective for both external soft tissue pain, and internal conditions. The fundamental belief of acupuncture is that illness is the result of blocked or interrupted “chi”, which is the life energy that flows through the body. The acupuncture needle points are used to positively influence and assist the function of internal body structures. Acupuncture seeks to remove these blockages and return the energy flow to a state of balance.